Whether you’re off to a wedding, out on the town, or at a street protest, a kilt is guaranteed to turn heads and start a conversation. Who knows where you'll end up? In the pub, in a cell, up a creek, in the sack...there's just no telling!

Historically worn by people from all walks of life, from royals to revolutionaries, the kilt truly knows no boundaries. It goes with anything, from biker leathers to Harris Tweed. Curating your own unique look is half the fun of it. 

Properly cared for, a 100% wool kilt is a rare thing of beauty and an investment that will last generations. 


The Liberation Kilt is made from cloth woven by the Andrew Elliot Mill, one of Scotland’s few remaining artisanal mills. Straps are handmade by McRostie Ltd of Scotland (founded in 1887), from leather sourced from JF&J Baker Ltd, Britain's only remaining oak bark tannery (founded in 1862). Buckles are forged by Royal Warrant holder Abbey England.  

We currently offer kilts made in the Keeling climate change tartan, of which there are two versions: red and green. 

Choose between a standard machine-sewn kilt, or a fully handsewn kilt made by Alan Moore, a professional tailor headquartered in Oban, Scotland.