• The historians all missed it, but things went downhill with the invention of trousers, when we lost the sense of our being unquestionably born free. Here's how to reclaim it: strap on a Liberation Kilt!

    "The kilt appears to endow the wearer with superpowers," says fashion critic Eric Musgrave, and centuries of peer-reviewed research proves it (MacAlpine 1806, MacTavish 1913, MacLean 1934, MacRae et al.1959).

    Loftus McLeod of Skye was the first to put these superpowers to a higher purpose, founding the Liberation Kilt Company to fight 18th-century injustices. Except that having won the 1781 Disturber of the Peace Award, he was banished to one of His Majesty's colonies across the seas. 

  • Inspired by Loftus McLeod, we resurrected the Liberation Kilt Company to fight 21st-century injustices. Our weapon of choice: a collection of tartans for people who refuse to identify with any group but Team Humanity. "Nobody wins unless everybody wins," as Bruce Springsteen said. 

    Building on tartan's glorious heritage as a badge of identity, our tartans represent social causes fighting global injustices, from climate change to human trafficking. It's a new kind of dress code, a catalyst for great conversations, from which great things naturally follow. 

    We’re working on a cool unisex collection. To kick things off, we’ve made a batch of 'Keeling' tartan scarves, and some quirky tee-shirts.

  • Named in honour of Charles Keeling, the climate scientist, and worn at COP26 by the World Wildlife Fund delegation, our Keeling tartan symbolises the path to Net Zero. Greta Thunberg is proud owner of a Keeling-clad WWF panda.

    Order your scarf or tee shirt and receive your official Liberation Kilt Company Certificate of Membership. Join a debate, stage a protest, and having plucked up the courage, level up to a kilt.