Frequently Asked Questions

Where & how are your products made? 

What is your guarantee policy? 

The Slow Label explains: "Avoid tumble-drying, as this can speed up the aging of your organic cotton garments, may cause shrinkage and also uses a considerable amount of energy. Instead, hang dry your organic cotton garments immediately after removing them from the washing machine, and gently shake and re-shape them while doing so." You'll be surprised how fast your t-shirt will dry.

Other Random Questions

What if I'm asked what's under my kilt? It depends on who's asking. In polite company, the recommended response is: "Shoes." Otherwise: "That's for me to know, and you to find out."

What if my calves look spindly under a kilt? Start a 6-month regimen of standing calf raises at every opportunity (in the shower, on the tube, etc).