“Water is the driving force of all nature.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

“We have been given all the water on earth that will ever exist. There will be no one, human created, technological solution whether the technology embraces water wheels, purifying sea water, or processing waste. There is no easy solution for our overconsumption of freshwater, a resource long mistakenly thought to be infinitely renewable. There is no easy exit from drought and pollution.” ~ Once Was Water documentary (2023)

“Water is highly abundant on Earth, but only 2.5% is fresh water—most of it trapped as glaciers and snow. Access to water and sanitation is recognised by the United Nations as a human right, but 11% of the global population lives with poor access to clean drinking water, and by 2030, half the population may be living under severe water stress, compounding food insecurity and the risk of conflict. Some of our greatest challenges—reclaiming polluted water, producing and distributing clean water, producing cheap and clean energy, providing greater food security, predicting climate and weather, inventing green chemicals, and designing new drugs to cure diseases—depend on a better understanding of water at the molecular level (Brini et al., 2017). These issues are woven into the Agua tartan. The thin blue line represents scarce fresh water, the thicker line its distribution to where it is needed, and the orange grid, water’s cage-like molecular structure—the key to realising its potential.”