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    • Leonardo, study Gandhi

      By Prof Giles Jackson In his book Excursions, Michael Jackson (the cultural anthropologist, not the late pop star) tells a beguiling tale about the Kuku Yalanji, a 50,000 year-old aboriginal tribe I e..

    • It’s the science, stupid!

      By Daphne Vlastari “Global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese” – what an incredulous statement. But President Trump is not alone in making those assertions. Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Secret..

    • Small thinking, big consequences
      Small thinking, big consequences

      by Giles Jackson Bob Legvold, the veteran Columbia University Russianist, told the FT he’s never felt so alarmed about the future. We are living through “a crisis of small thinking” and “global..

    • Fighting the good fight

      By Miriam Rune Today marks the ninth anniversary of the launch of the United Nations International Blue Heart Campaign Against Human Trafficking, of which Liberation Kilt Co has been a private partner..

    • Hearts united, minds opposed

      by Giles Jackson “The future is a race between education and disaster”, HG Wells rightly said. With disaster clearly having the upper hand, the question is what can be done. Part of the problem..

    • Piracy as Policy

      By Giles Jackson Everyone knows that a pirate is someone who robs at sea without having a commission from any sovereign nation. But in the olden days, says Ben Zimmer, it was not always clear who was..

    • Welcome to Exxon Provence

      By Prof Giles Jackson Things were looking up for a while. Earlier this year, none other than the Rockefeller Family Fund announced that it would divest its holdings in fossil fuel companies, starting..

    • Are we really so special?

      by Giles Jackson “Are we open-minded enough to assume that other species have a mental life? Can we tease apart the roles of attention, motivation and cognition?” asks the ethologist Frans de Waal in ..

    • Surviving Trump 101

      by Giles Jackson Should we give Trump the benefit of the doubt, as Obama is asking us to do? Absolutely not! That would violate Rule #1 for surviving an autocracy says Masha Gessen, who grew up in Put..

    • The secret to a bigger life?

      by Giles Jackson In A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life, movie producer Brian Grazer shows through personal experience how a single trait, curiosity — primed by a readiness to pay attent..