Attacking big challenges is the hallmark of social entrepreneurship and we're proud to count ourselves among the new breed of CONSCIOUS COMPANY. What's driving this is a rising generation that's thinking deeply about its relationship to all of the shared existence on this fragile planet, a sentiment that's bubbling up to the older generations.  While there's plenty to be hopeful for, there's still much to be done. Our mission is to accelerate the shift to a truly CONSCIOUS CULTURE by (literally) weaving the big issues into the fabric of everyday life — from the clothes we wear to the planes we fly — and thereby CHANGE THE CONVERSATION

Read About Us and our award-winning Scottish weavers; view our exclusive collection of plaids promoting social causes, including Blueheart (the official tartan of the United Nations' campaign against human trafficking); view our amazing collection of student-designed textiles; meet the eccentric Sir Loftus McLeod of Skye and our advisers; read our thought-provoking blog and a little press; and if you're a fashion or interior designer, Buy Fabric for your next big project. As for kilts, they're in the works.     


Boeing 757 Blueheart

Toronto Cultural Centre Scene 1

Toronto Cultural Centre Scene 2