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Things went downhill after the invention of trousers, when we lost the sense of our being unquestionably born free.

Trousers were invented so that rulers could get on their high horse and lord it over everyone else. Everyone else blindly followed suit, only to find themselves trapped in a slavish, bifurcated existence.

Now the liberal world order is threatened by an unholy alliance of despots who believe in transactions over partnerships, chaos over consistency, power over rules and interests over ideals.  They believe that “might makes right”. It’s no coincidence that they all wear trousers.

While working on The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Adam Smith confided to his friend, the philosopher David Hume, that “kilts might be the answer”. However it was Sir Loftus McLeod of Skye, a piper on the front lines of the British Empire, who was the first to prove this empirically. 

Back on Scottish soil, Sir Loftus founded the Liberation Kilt Company, a civilian regiment held together by the bonds of camaraderie and mutual respect for the kilt — an enduring symbol of freedom. Liberation Kilt Co fought oppression in all its guises, and was the first to champion LBGT rights.

Kilts, tartan, Gaelic and other Highland traditions were prohibited for much of the 18th century. So as soon as the War Office got wind of this, they disbanded the regiment, made a giant pile of kilts and set it ablaze. As for Sir Loftus, he was thrown into the dungeon at Edinburgh Castle, never to see the light of day again. 

The spirit of Sir Loftus lay dormant for more than two centuries. Now Liberation Kilt Co is back, because the time has come!  Soon we’ll launch an exclusive collection of kilts, skirts and accessories featuring our own tartans, each of which promotes a worthy social cause. We are a Public Benefit Corporation and twenty per cent of our profits are donated to NGOs working for a better world.

Tartan Collection

Each of our tartans stands for a cause and serves as the anchor for a broader collection.