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Tom Ford captured perfectly the paradox at the heart of consumer culture in an interview with Jo Ellison, the fashion critic. “I’m very torn because I’m one of the people producing all this stuff that people consume”, he said. “And all it is doing is taking us away from our connection with the universe, with the earth, with other people. On the other hand, in defence of it, we are material creatures. Cashmere feels great. Certain things make us feel better. Certain things make us feel constantly refreshed even though we’re decaying…”

Tom, we don’t have to be torn. We can surround ourselves with things that not only make us look and feel better, but also reestablish our connection with the universe, with the earth, with other people. That’s the thinking behind our unique collection of sustainably-made textiles symbolising progressive social causes, from fossil fuel divestment to freedom of speech. By literally weaving the big issues into the fabric of everyday life, we hope to inspire like-minded people to connect, debate, create and act in new and meaningful ways.

We are a Public Benefit Corporation and twenty per cent of our net profits are donated to partner NGOs working for a better world, including the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and PEN International, the literary society.


L.K.C. Tartan Collection

.A  Tartan’s history is unique because of its strong establishment and anti-establishment elements. Each of our tartans stands for a cause and serves as the anchor for a broader collection.